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Enthusiast Motors Services

Shop labor is $70/hr. Additional pricing is calculated on a per-job basis. Request A Quote
Powder Coating

Using the highest quality products and equipment, we can refinish your powder coating project in a staggering array of colors and custom finishes. The only limitation currently is our oven size, which is 3.5' X 3.5' X 6.5' and your imagination.

Media Blasting

We have the media blasting capabilities to handle your vehicle project. Multiple blasting systems range from a dustless blaster for cars, boats or larger projects to an aqua blaster for detailed work on plastics, aluminum and other soft alloys, engine internals and machined surfaces.

See Media Blasting In Action
Motorcycle Restoration

If you have a project motorcycle that has gathered dust, we’d be happy to help! We offer complete motorcycle restorations with a meticulous and detailed focus to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Whether it’s back to original or with a custom flare, we’re here to meet your needs.

Vehicle Sales & Consignment

At Enthusiast Motors, we specialize in bringing unique and exciting vehicles to SE AZ, whether it be a vintage Italian sport cars, classic American ‘iron’ or high performance cars and motorcycles. If you are looking for something other than a dull daily driver, we have you covered. If you have a vehicle to consign that fits our criteria, we’d be happy to help you advertise and get the most value out of your vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection or Pre-Purchase Evaluations

Before you buy that special vehicle, ensure there are no hidden problems. We offer inspections onsite or at our facility in Safford, AZ.